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Premium Single Source Bourbon Arabica Rwanda Mountain Coffee

Virunga volcano national park landscape with green farmland fields in the foreground, Rwanda

Rwanda - Land Of A Thousand Hills

Rwanda, affectionately known as the 'Land Of A Thousand Hills' has recently gained global fame for its Bourbon Arabica Coffee. It’s history in coffee growing starts back in the late 1800’s when German Colonialists brought Bourbon Arabica coffee to the country. After WW1, the Beligans assumed rule and sadly forced the Rwandan farmers to grow a poor crop - paying them little or nothing with terrible facilities. Roll forward to 1994 when genocide ripped apart the nation. Almost 1 Million people from the Tutsi ethnic group were murdered in just 100 days. At around the same time, a global pricing crisis struck the coffee industry. In the case of Rwanda a complete rebirth of their coffee industry was required. Today a mere 25 years later, high quality coffee is being produced with expertise from all over the world being added to produce one of the finest crops around.

Ripe coffee beans

Expertly Picked Premium Coffee Berries

Our coffee comes from a single ethical source in the South East of Rwanda. Local farmers have been trained to pick their crop at exactly the right time for a perfect harvest. From harvesting, the coffee cherries are transported to the local coffee processing station. Here coffee is run through a pulping machine to separate the soft skin from the coffee bean inside. Unripe coffee will float at this stage and is removed. The next step is fermentation, following which the beans are dried and hand graded to make sure only the best quality coffee makes it to the final step. The coffee is dried to 12% moisture and then taken to be roasted.

Coffee - Imisozi - Rwandan Premium Coffee - From The Heart Of Africa

Roasted To Perfection By Qualified Baristas

All on the same site, our coffee is then hulled, polished and roasted. Depending on whether medium coffee is being produced or dark, the roasting time will vary. After roasting, each roast is brewed and tasted to make sure that it meets our exacting standards. From 8kg of coffee cherries we produce 1kg of roasted coffee.

Imisozi Rwandan Mountain Coffee - Roasted Bourbon Arabica - Premium Coffee

Imisozi Premium Bourbon Arabica Coffee

Imisozi means mountain in Kinyarwanda (The local Bantu language of the Rwandan people). Coffee growing is at it’s best at high altitude, but out of risk of frost. Rwanda’s fertile, warm, mountainous landscape provides a perfect coffee growing haven.